Wild Healers

Enneagram for the Healer and the Healing

June 01, 2020 Dr. Megan Galaske, MD, Sara Rosser, CPM Season 1 Episode 6
Wild Healers
Enneagram for the Healer and the Healing
Show Notes

Today we dig deep into what makes your hosts work. What lights up their brains? What are some of their greatest challenges? Some of you may be sick of the Enneagram, and some may have never heard of it...we try to cater to both. For those of you that have been hiding under a rock, here are the Enneagram types:
1) The Reformer- High moral standard; perfectionistic tendencies
2) The Helper-Thrives off of helping others; often acts young in the best way
3) The Achiever- Loves hitting goals; aims high, often gets what they set out for
4) The Individualist-Values being different; longs for understanding of self and others
5) The Investigator-Holds knowledge in the highest regard; values learning
6) The Loyalist- Committed and reliable; trustworthy
7) The Enthusiast- The life of the party; loves making everyone feel good
8) The Challenger-Holds space for the broken; values redemption and equality
9) The Peacemaker-Your best friend; conforms but may lose sense of self

We urge everyone to seek out better ways of communication so that we may understand each other better as health care providers, patients, and humans.