Wild Healers

Racial Disparities in Healthcare (Installment 1 with Kiki Beswick)

June 22, 2020 Season 1 Episode 7
Wild Healers
Racial Disparities in Healthcare (Installment 1 with Kiki Beswick)
Show Notes

In this first installment of our series "Racial Disparities in Healthcare", we are so pleased to open the floor to Kiki Beswick, a doula in the Minneapolis area. Your hosts feel so honored to hear from Kiki and her perspective on the state of healthcare for Black people in America. 

The Chocolate Milk Club 
provides breastfeeding education and support to low income African American women at no cost. We provide education and support through home visits, support groups and other activities throughout the year.
the crisis nursery 
As a trusted resource for families, the Nursery focuses on prevention by offering free, voluntary services for parents who face barriers such as unemployment, homelessness, medical or mental health concerns, poverty, domestic violence, or other difficult situations.

Support our ongoing work to end prison birth in America. For the month of June 2020, all donations to the Ostara Initiative and it's programs will go directly to the salaries of Black birth workers on our team with the intention of securing these positions throughout these co occurring crises. 
black immigrant collective
The Black Immigrant Collective is a Minnesota Black-led immigrant org that works at the intersection of Blackness and migration. Our work includes: mutual aid support; deportation & detention defense; local, state & federal policy and resource sharing inc
The Minnesota Healing Justice Network is a collaborative network of over 100 community healers, bodyworkers & birthworkers, therapists & herbalists, artists & educators, nurses & more centering the wellness of Black and Brown families through mutual aid, health equity and solidarity.
donation link: https://www.paypal.me/mnhealingjustice
“4 ways to help” :https://www.minnesotahealingjusticenetwork.com/solidarity